Bassein Catholic Coop Bank Ltd., Suvrat Apt., Bhavwani Chowk, Tembhe Naka, Thane 400601.
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Our Programmes

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Our Programmes

Our Strategies

Orientation - On admitting a child, she is introduced to the staff and shown the various rooms for her use like study room, mess room, dormitory, etc.

Rapport Building – New children are introduced to one another and some ice breaking games are conducted. The older children also know to accommodate the new ones on instruction from the project incharge.

Activities & Services – All facilities and amenities like a home are provided. Basic and developmental activities are conducted on a daily and periodic basis like education, preventive and curative health, recreation, life and professional skills, counseling, annual camp, outings and picnics,

Rules and Regulations – All rules, regulation, time tables, food menu are made in consultation with children and the government agency.

Networking - Coordinates with various Government, institutions, non-Governmental orgainsations, other organisations/agencies, various stake holders and the civil society at large

Rehabilitation & Reunification – On completing their tenure or as per the situation of the child and advise from the CWC, the children are either referred to other NGOs or institutions or reunited back to their families after the due processes as the case may be.

We Provide
  1. Shelter
  2. Food
  3. Clothing
  4. Education
  5. Medical assistance
  6. Life skills
  7. Livelihood skills
  8. Savings Bank account
  9. Dance and music classes
  10. Games – Indoor and Outdoor
  11. Counseling – Yoga and meditation
  12. Computer Classes