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Formal & non-formal education is imparted such that children are prepared for formal schools and then go on to complete their school successfully.

Support by way of fees is provided for those who continue with college. Children showing interest in vocational trades are referred to appropriate institutions.

After school support by way of study classes are also imparted to them by the staff and volunteers who visit the organization.

Preventive & Curative Health

Awareness sessions given by the staff/professionals/volunteers through media on health issues and seasonal diseases.

Hygiene children avail daily bathing facilities, independent lockers, Sufficient clothing and toiletries.

Nutrition children are provided with a menu such that each meal provides for a minimum calorie intake for the day for each child.

Medical aid children are referred to public hospitals, clinics when they are unwell. Periodic check-up camps are held.

Children also participate in Yoga session given by the trained staff.

Children Counseling

It is done in groups as well as on individual basis by the social worker incharge and in further intervention cases are referred to the government hospitals like the J.J. Hospital. Volunteers well versed in counseling children are also encouraged to hold such activities under the guidance of the social worker.


Indoor and outdoor games like carom, chess, cricket, football, throw ball, badminton are held on a daily basis at fixed times. Television & music are also provided. Children take part in local competitions. This activity moulds them to be team players and team leaders. Children also avail of a mini library at the shelter homes.


Various important national & cultural festivals like Independence day, children's day, Diwali, Christmas, Ramzan Id and others are celebrated.

Awareness of children's issues, specially related to street children such as child labour, trafficking are conducted with other organisations.

Life Skills

Children are introduced and then carry out tasks to enhance their daily living like marketing, carrying out daily chores, maintaining their lockers, sewing their clothes,

Professional Skills

Children enhance their other skills of fine art by making greetings cards, candles, rangoli, cooking, gardening, dancing, computer operation, etc. This activity is done during spare time at the weekends with the help of the staff volunteers. Summer camps are held once a year for the shelter children, Which develops their outlook.

Reunification & Rehabilitation

Their Home once traced then visits are made when the child is ready and through the government order of release, children are placed back to their families.

Aasara coordinates with various Government, private, non-Governmental, other organisations/agencies and the civil society at large for referral purposes in education, health, shelter as part of their process of final rehabilitation.

The children we find are usually
  • 1. Lost & separated from parents
  • 2. Orphaned
  • 3. In conflict with family / law
  • 4. Child labour/Trafficked
  • 5. Struggling for survival